If you believe your business has more potential, we believe we can help you achieve it.

Download our worksheet and unlock your team’s maximum potential with our Fortune 500-tested system.

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Has your business hit a plateau?
Are you experiencing challenges delegating and empowering your team so you can lead out in front of your business?

SUMMi7 has signature programs & services based on a proprietary Business Scaling Method™ to help companies grow and scale.



An intensive, immersive 2-day workshop for C-suite and executive leadership teams looking to clarify their vision, align their organization and explore new ways to grow their business. You will design your own customized playbook based on your unique company’s strategies using proprietary tools and then review proven methodologies to implement the playbook.

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Business Scaling Method™ Online

A digital learning platform to help small and midsize businesses grow and scale. The approach includes a variety of exercises to support different learning styles and is designed to engage employees in the development of your business growth plan, while creating a learning-together culture along the way that fuels sustainable growth.

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We help you break through a seemingly impossible plateau and achieve sustainable growth with a series of business scaling methods. You and your team will discover how to:

  • Maximize team potential using accountability tracking
  • Unleash the potential of your business model and accelerate growth
  • Leverage lean thinking to create repeatable, efficient processes
  • Extend customer focus throughout your organization
  • Build purpose and values into your culture
  • See the return on your investment with bottom line results
  • Scale your business to exit


Eric book

Equip your team with the knowledge to help bring your strategy to life with the award-winning The Frontline CEO from SUMMi7 founder Eric Strafel. In the book he shares his leadership experience from more than two decades as a CEO and corporate executive in Fortune 500 companies. The Frontline CEO delivers the knowledge, strategies and tactics you need to make the switch from an antiquated top-down leadership style to a flatter, more nimble system—in which every employee behaves and is treated like a leader.


Real people. Real results.

“I love the idea of coming up with the structure around team building and leading an organization. You basically have turned it from an art into a science. “
Indu Sanka

FSGS – Your Trusted Sign Partner

“SUMMi7’s model clearly spells out the why, who, what and how for successful implementation. It starts with gaining buy-in from the team and identifying how to maximize the potential in meeting those goals. The team made it very easy to follow with step-by-step directions that are needed. “
Kim Anderson

Cardinal Strategies

“I couldn’t be more appreciative. The expertise, the connection to talent, your experience, drive, energy and intent to do well with this group–it’s just amazing.“
Bruce Whitlock

Whitlock Building Services

We’ve walked miles in shoes just like yours.

We know what it’s like to want more for your company, to feel like you can’t get out in front of your business, and wondering if you have what it takes. Our shared experiences, good and bad, help uncover issues and opportunities that will help accelerate your company’s growth. Let’s talk about how we can help you and your business today.

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