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Eric Strafel


For more than 20 years, Eric has dedicated himself to building forward-thinking teams and scaling innovation, in order to create transformational organizations that thrive in an increasingly purpose-driven world. Eric’s leadership appointments include; CEO at Aviall, and executive-level positions with Boeing, L3 and Honeywell.


Shelly Howlett

ROBIN BRAMMAN, Brand and Strategic Advisor

Robin has worn many hats in her career, most notably for two decades as an entrepreneur in her brand and communications business, Branding Solutions, in Arizona. She has also worn the corporate leader hat as a fractional advisor as well as interactive services, strategy, and corporate transformation director roles in midsize to large corporations. In her corporate roles, Robin focuses on long-term business strategy, cross-functional strategic integration, and corporate brand and communications management. Robin is called upon to help launch businesses and their brands. This was the beginning of support for SUMMi7 and then it grew from branding to business programming to a team launch of the Business Scaling Method. The best part of the development process for her was being able to bring a diverse team of executives and entrepreneurs together to bring the program to life.


Shelly Howlett


Mignon is a serial entrepreneur, with a background in journalism and online publishing. She has worked for a variety of media companies including Gannett and Hearst Media Services. She also launched her own media company, which worked with a network of brands, and collaborated with Warner Bros Entertainment. Mignon has been featured in publications such as Forbes.com.


Shelly Howlett


Michael has more than a decade of experience in strategic planning and implementation of project management, community relations, operations and database systems to establish and refine sustainable processes for various types of organizations. His previous experience includes Make-A-Wish America and A.T. Still University of Health Sciences.


Shelly Howlett


Esina is the CEO of a women-owned consulting company, and previously was CEO of an unmanned aviation company and a Fortune 50 executive. She has spent over 25 years advising and assisting businesses, from startups to multi-national global businesses, across a range of industries including aerospace, software, oil and gas, finance, and sports.


Shelly Howlett

Emese Berry, Strategic Advisor

Passionate leader that is driven to improve every aspect of the organization through business process transformations utilizing Lean/SixSigma philosophies and tools. Results-driven career spanning 20+ years, demonstrating year-over-year improvements of both products and services. Strong and decisive leader with analytical, team building, and organizational skills. Driven to deliver bottom line results and improved employee experience through process streamlining, standardization, and automation. Emese is a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Real people. Real results.

“I love the idea of coming up with the structure around team building and leading an organization. You basically have turned it from an art into a science. “

“I couldn’t be more appreciative. The expertise, the connection to talent, your experience, drive, energy and intent to do well with this group–it’s just amazing. “

“I’m definitely grateful for the 1-on-1s. That has been tremendous, and it had me up all night working on stuff, but it’s okay because these things have to be done.”




Our success is measured through the success of the people we help.

We live what we teach, challenge the status quo, work persistently, think optimistically, attract influence, learn continuously and foster inclusivity.

If you know where you want to go, let’s figure out how to get you there.

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