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If you are struggling to grow your business and you’ve tried other methods that don’t necessarily align with your core values and vision—but you believe strongly that you can make an impact with your company—then this is the workbook for you!

Business Scaling Method™ can also be taken through virtual cohorts and self-paced courses that include office hours and one-on-one coaching for those who would like a more immersive experience.

About The workBook

Trying to run your business and transform at the same time can feel like changing the tires on a moving car. So we’ve compiled 25+ years of working knowledge gathered from successful entrepreneurs, corporate CEOs and executives and put them into a workbook that takes the guesswork out of growing your business.

Business Scaling Method™ is a process built from proven enterprise building blocks, updated for today’s challenges and broken down into steps that can be applied to organizations of any size. Through a series of questions that help you build a better understanding of what makes your business work, you’re able to identify and address barriers that may be holding you back.

The end result is a strategy-to-action playbook that helps you implement an operating system unique to you, engage your employees, and proactively identify opportunities and issues to create solutions aligned with your long-term goals for yourself and your business.

What’s inside

Throughout each of the six stages of the Business Scaling Method™, you will find guided sections that will help you navigate through the content and process outlined in the workbook.


STAGE 1 | Envision Success

Develop an aspirational vision of the future state of your company and a mission that describes how it will be achieved through actions guided by your values.


STAGE 2 | Survey Basecamp

Establish a shared understanding of the current state of the business, what the offerings are and how they provide value to customers.


STAGE 3 | Map The Route

Develop a step-by-step plan to get from the current state to your long-term objectives.


STAGE 4 | Establish Trail Rhythm

With the plan in hand, establish the operating cadence that will keep everyone aligned while simultaneously working to transform and grow the business.


STAGE 5 | Fuel the Climb

Create a supportive environment with trust, respect and inclusion to foster the culture of engagement needed to maintain momentum.


STAGE 6 | Reset & Renew

At the end of the planning cycle, take a step back to assess performance relative to the plan. Reflect, learn and build on the work you’ve done.




We’ve created a series of worksheets to help you analyze your business, develop your growth playbook, and engage your team in operating your business. Use them as working documents to create your business plan and other material to engage stakeholders. Each worksheet includes a completed companion example to reference.

about the author

I’m Eric Strafel and for more than two decades I’ve helped businesses scale. In collaboration with successful entrepreneurs, we developed the Business Scaling Method and workbook, a system developed to help businesses and teams grow together in pursuit of a higher purpose.

The approach is designed to engage employees in the development of your business growth plan by connecting everyone to the purpose of the company, getting grounded in the current reality and collaborating on a step-by-step plan toward your vision all while creating a culture of learning together that fuels sustainable growth for your team and your business.

Throughout this workbook, six stages for scaling your business will be outlined: Envision Success, Survey Basecamp, Map the Route, Establish Trail Rhythm, Fuel the Climb and Rest & Renew. These stages will give you an in-depth look at your company’s potential for growth with an outlined course for climbing and reaching peak success.

It’s a highly collaborative and transparent approach to build a deep understanding of where the organization is going and why.

Business Scaling Method™ online

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