Unsure which direction to go... need help implementing your growth playbook... need support with strategic execution?

Our growth experts provide ongoing strategic and tactical support to help you on your way to reaching your ultimate vision.



et the whole picture of the future of your business and unlock the collective potential of your entire company with a Fractional Chief Growth Office (CGO). Fractional CGOs complement teams by helping to develop the strategic thinking, planning and execution capability that empowers them to lead in a market that’s more global, complex and fast-paced than ever.

Whether you are unsure which direction to go, need help implementing your growth playbook on your own, or want support with strategic execution from executives who have empowered teams and scaled businesses, our fractional advisors can provide the lift your business needs. This hybrid leadership model brings together future-oriented and cross-functional expertise to set strategic clarity and alignment, take some weight off your shoulders, and grow your business in innovative ways.

“With the pace of change today, maintaining a consistent feedback loop with your customers and responding by positioning your business to stand out comes down to focus and execution.”

– Eric Strafel, SUMMi7 CEO & Founder

Following the scoping process to determine your business’s greatest challenges and opportunities, we methodically work through a process that is proven to help all kinds of businesses grow and are tailored for your specific needs and ambitions.

The CGO Process

Discovery & Assessment

We help you as a business leader by facilitating the process of creating the priority strategic foundational and growth initiatives. We leverage tools to engage your team, bring market and customer insights into the conversation, and facilitate an open dialogue to work through issues and opportunities. Together, we lead through a process of developing alternatives, making decisions and prioritizing resources to execute.

Collaborative Development

We help engage the organization in the strategy process, connecting all levels so that strategy to action is one seamless process with collective buy-in, understanding and engagement throughout the company.

Common Playbook for All

By leveraging the Business Scaling Method™ , which incorporates best practices from many different industries and company sizes, as our base operating system, we help you develop a playbook that can be used as a common language for strategy execution. The Business Scaling Method™ is an “open architecture” operating system that we can customize to fit the unique aspects of your business.

Helping you focus on what matters most

Identify and prioritize the best way to allocate your resources (time and money), maintain
alignment on strategic priorities, and achieve your long-term objectives.

Strategic Clarity

See a broader perspective on your company’s competitiveness and maintain alignment on strategic priorities across the leadership team and other stakeholders to forge a clearer path to success.

Team Empowerment

Enhance team effectiveness by improving transparency and engagement throughout your company, and increasing staff readiness for future leadership roles.

Rapid Feedback

Track performance to commitments, manage risk, course-correct and improve ROI on key investments through ongoing and open communication, evaluation and planning.

Boosted Bandwidth

Accelerate growth by augmenting your team with experienced implementers who can serve as a catalyst to incite the change needed to perform at your best.

Our experienced growth experts are influential collaborators with skills and knowledge in strategy, leadership, operations, finance, brand and marketing, business development and sales, public relations and communications to complement your own team.
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