Has your business hit a plateau? Understand and address the obstacles holding you back.

We work with you and your team to understand your business’s history, your current challenges as a leader, and future goals to develop and implement an executable plan customized to your needs and priorities.



The Business Scaling Method® Cohort Program is for purpose-driven small and midsize business owners and leaders looking to understand and overcome the constraints that are holding their businesses back. Up to 10 cohort participants simultaneously gain detailed knowledge about their business model, leadership skills to align and empower their team, and a proprietary operating system to proactively identify and solve day-to-day issues while also developing a foundation for sustainable growth and long-term impact.

  • A 12-week program with weekly virtual live sessions
  • Registration covering online access for two additional team members
  • Field-tested proprietary workbook, open office hours and peer interaction

“When I reflected on what I’ve learned through the program, I thought your company name was perfect because what you teach is simple, universal, measurable, meaningful, inspiring and transformative.”

– Jenniffer Steele, CEO of Northstar Independent Living Services

Everything you need to succeed

Hands-on Executive Coaching

The wealth of experience your Expert Guide brings to the program is the foundation of the knowledge and techniques you will gain as you are guided through the 12 weeks. We teach from experience and application so you know you are learning and applying knowledge from people who have been in your shoes.

360˚ Support

Dedicated Guides support your weekly needs and ensure you are progressing toward your goals. Online tools and offline resources are available for you to engage with program content and other business leaders so you can benefit from a greater diversity of experiences and perspectives.

Adaptive Learning

We provide a number of ways to interact with our content so you can choose the method that works best for you. From virtual meetings, printed and digitized content, and multimedia optimized and available across all of your devices, it is easy to stay engaged.

Executable Plan + Implementation Support

Walk away with a customized strategy-to-action playbook that sets a clear path to your business goals. In addition, we will help you implement your plan with your team to create ownership and accountability.

Case Study

FSGS: Your Trusted Sign Partner

In 2017, Indu Sanka bought FSGS: Your Trusted Sign Partner, a commercial property signage company, providing comprehensive signage services to the multi-family housing industry, commercial real estate companies and marketing agencies. When Indu acquired the business, there were no formal processes in place. Employee roles and responsibilities were unclear, there was high turnover, and there was no focus on the customer. Initially, Indu spent all of her time engaging with customers to address their concerns and commitments that had not been fulfilled. She realized that she needed to change the company culture in order to enhance the customer experience.

“I love the idea of coming up with the structure around team building and leading an organization. You basically have turned it from an art into a science. I see this as a learning opportunity just getting exposure to what you can build on. Even if you go into the individual pieces of it—the idea of creating a master schedule and having regular meetings and all of that. I like that there is a clearcut framework and a methodology to approach each of these tasks.”

– Indu Sanka, FSGS: Your Trusted Sign Partner Case Study


During the first two years of managing her new business, Indu’s goal was to spend time focusing on the basics, defining processes such as who does what, building rapport with her team and fostering trust with her customers. Some people had difficulty embracing change and adapting to a more structured work environment, and opted to leave the company. This provided Indu an opportunity to concentrate on building a team that was enthusiastic about contributing, who wanted to be part of something bigger, and were excited to grow and create opportunities to advance within the company.


In 2020, Indu participated in the SUMMi7 Business Scaling Method™ Cohort program to help develop the company’s growth plan—starting with the vision that Indu had for her business and then engaging the team to support that plan. As part of the process, we clarified the company’s target customers, the value proposition that would drive customers to choose FSGS for their signs, and created a value stream map to help create standardized processes with a repeatable, high-quality product.


With an engaged team and a stable foundation in place, Indu continues to lead transparently, involving her team along the way to help innovate and grow the business. She is now streamlining the systems and infrastructure to support her new processes. To keep her team engaged, Indu meets one-on-one with each of them every month, hosts a quarterly off-site get-together for everyone to stay aligned on the vision and current priorities, and holds a bi-weekly best practices forum to facilitate teamwork and give everyone a voice in making the company better. FSGS outgrew its former space and the company moved into a new facility this spring with more than twice the space to support the growth.

We can help you see the forest through the trees.

If you’re trying to transition from working IN your business to working ON your business, expanding or adding new product lines, or if your a team or division lead wanting to align vision from the ground floor to the CEO, we can help.

Stage Overview

Over 12 weeks you’ll be immersed in the six stages of the Business Scaling Method® through a series of weekly exercises, activities, meetings, and coaching sessions.


Envision Success

Reflect on who you are at your core – your purpose, mission, vision and values that tie everyone on your team together – and let that guide your dreams of being wildly successful in the future.


Survey Basecamp

Analyze your products and services, methods of delivery, and the value provided to customers to gain a better understanding of what foundational and transformational adjustments will help you reach your business goals.


Map the Route

Develop your step-by-step plan to move toward your vision while balancing the urgent needs of operating your business day to day.


Establish Trail Rhythm

Establish the operating cadence of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly activities that integrate work across your teams without losing peace of mind about daily operations.


Fuel the Climb

Promote the collective development of your business and employees keeping your mission and values at the forefront of conversations to foster a growth mindset culture and address roadblocks along the way.


Reset & Renew

Make course corrections to keep everyone moving forward. Cultivate relationships with your team, look back on your growth and reconfirm your vision and mission.


Eric Strafel

Having served as an executive leader for more than two decades, Eric understands the joys and challenges of running and growing businesses. With the mission of lifting up other leaders to help them attain greater social and economic prosperity, he leads the cohort through weekly group and individual coaching sessions, as well as conducts virtual baseline assessments and team implementation workshops with each member to develop and implement a strategy-to-action playbook for their business’s greatest path to success.

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