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We exist to serve others in their journey to discover their purpose, lead inclusively, create social good and maintain balance through a systematic approach of applied learning.​

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The problems faced today are bigger and more global than any one person or organization can solve. We believe that the best way to solve them is to bring people together, organized through shared pursuits, focused on enabling economic equity, promoting diversity and inclusion, and embedding social responsibility into the fabric of society. We are deeply passionate about helping people and companies be their best by clarifying purpose, leveraging their strengths and working collaboratively to make a positive impact.

In personal pursuits, this means exploring your personal strengths, values and passions to create meaningful, and fulfilling goals authentic to you.

Similarly in business, this involves exploring the impact that your organization wants to make by clarifying your vision, mission and purpose centered on your customers. Then involve all employees and other stakeholders to create a plan to navigate the path with transparency, trust and engagement as one team.

OUR Values

We live what we teach, challenge the status quo, work persistently, think optimistically, attract influence, learn continuously and foster inclusivity. This is accomplished through six core initiatives:

Dedicated Leadership

Stewarding the team, building community and commitment to the growth of people, while still achieving defined goals.

Access for ALL

Fostering an inclusive and equitable environment that provides opportunities to diverse groups.

LOVE People

Dedicating ourselves to helping others reach their peak influence and bring their ambitions to fruition.

Speak Your Mind

Being unafraid to challenge societal norms and seek better and more efficient processes to appeal to a broader audience.

Lifelong Learning

Continuing education throughout life at different levels of the spectrum, from traditional institutions and experimental workshops, to real-world experience.


Share the wealth of knowledge with future leaders to help them reach the summit of their success.

OUR Navigators

OUR Navigators

We are a team of talented people with a diverse set of experiences, who are committed to setting goals, challenging ourselves to achieve more, and inspiring people to envision a summit and pursue it. We are working entrepreneurs and mentors–learning and developing as we go.

Eric Strafel

Expert Guide
CEO & Founder

Robin Bramman

Trail Boss
Operations & Partnerships

David Byrd

Swiss Army Knife
Marketing & Product Development

Mignon Gould

Communications, PR & DEI

Andy Wolsiffer

Growth Hacker
Technology & Growth Marketing

Deviki Gupta

Ed Tech Expert & Business Development

Michael Chang

Trail Guide
Customer Experience

Jenny Poon

Design Creator
Product Design

Elizabeth Guy

Financial Storyteller Bookkeeper



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