About Us

We all have aspirations, we all hit a wall, and we all need some support to get through – but we don’t all know what it is we need at times, and when we do, we might lack access to it. That’s where we come in…

We connect your “X” with your “Y” through proprietary tools, programs and workshops, helping you get back to driving growth in your life, career, business, and community.

As an individual or a business owner, finding ways to thrive and make an impact is hard to do alone. You may not have the same resources, networks and opportunities that help other businesses succeed.

So if you have a vision that’s blocked by a wall, let’s combine it with proven techniques and tools used by people who’ve stood where you stand to create and implement strategies for impactful growth.

Real people. Real results.

“I love the idea of coming up with the structure around team building and leading an organization. You basically have turned it from an art into a science. “

-Indu Sanka, FSGS – Your Trusted Sign Partner

“I couldn’t be more appreciative. The expertise, the connection to talent, your experience, drive, energy and intent to do well with this group–it’s just amazing. “

– Bruce Whitlock, Whitlock Building Services

“I’m definitely grateful for the 1-on-1s. That has been tremendous, and it had me up all night working on stuff, but it’s okay because these things have to be done.”




Our success is measured through the success of the people we help.

We live what we teach, challenge the status quo, work persistently, think optimistically, attract influence, learn continuously and foster inclusivity.

Our Changemakers

We’re a diverse group of innovators and entrepreneurs with a shared goal to help people build better lives, careers and communities.

Eric Strafel


Mignon Gould

Marketing, PR & DEI

David Byrd

Creative & Product Development

Michael Chang

Project Management & Business Integration

Shelli Howlett


Robin Bramman

Fractional Business Growth Consulting

Elizabeth Guy


We’re looking for dynamic people to join our growing team.

If you know where you want to go, let’s figure out how to get you there.

Schedule some time with one of our expert team members to select the right program solution for you and your business.

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